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Course Pages at University of Pittsburgh - Spring 2009

TWEN Courses — Spring 2009

Agency & Partnership

Analytical Writing (Bar Exam Writing)

Antitrust (Herring)

Bioethics and the Law 5612 (Will)

Business Organizations

Civil Practice Clinic — Elder (Mannix, Smetanka)

Conflict of Laws (DeMonaco)

Constitutional Law (Brake)

Constitutional Law, Section C (Herring)

Copyright Law (Madison)

Criminal Procedure Sec. C (Harris)

Criminal Procedure I: Police (Taslitz)

Criminal Procedure II (Taslitz)

Employment Discrimination 5216 (Brake)

Environmental Law Clinic (Collins)

Esate Planning (Burke)

Evidence (Harris)

Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment (Taslitz)

Global Health and Human Rights Seminar

Law of Professional Sports (Silverman)

Law, Science and Business of Climate Change (Smokelin)

Legal Analysis & Writing A1 (Bratman)

Legal Analysis and Writing (Burkoff)

Low Income Tax Clinic

Nonprofit Tax Exempt Organizations 5355
Persuasive Narrative Seminar (Deasy)

Property Law, Section C (Mueller)

Star Trek and the Law (First Year Enrichment Series) (Taslitz)

Street Law and Human Rights Education

Telecommunications Law (Akers)

Terrorism and the Law (Taslitz)

Course Websites - Spring 2009

Adoption Law Seminar (Prof. Wasserman)

Civil Procedure section C (Prof. Wasserman)

Corporate Tax (Prof. Infanti)

Corporations and Human Rights seminar

Effective Legal Research Strategies for the Practitioner

Estates and Trusts (Prof. Hibbitts)

International Tax (Prof. Infanti)

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