University of Pittsburgh

Grading Guidelines

  1. Faculty members teaching first-year courses and all upper-level courses except limited enrollment courses (clinics, seminars and all courses in which the Dean has permitted an enrollment limit) are encouraged to utilize a median "B" grade.
  2. Faculty members teaching clinics, seminars and other limited enrollment courses are encouraged to utilize a median "B+" grade.
  3. Faculty members teaching first-year courses, sectioned upper-level courses, and larger enrollment upper-level courses are encouraged to assign "A+," "A" and "A-" grades to 20% of the class.
  4. Faculty members teaching in first-year large sections are encouraged to assign grades of "C+" and below to 20% of the class.
  5. Faculty members teaching in upper-level large classes are encouraged to give at the minimum a range of 10% to 15% of grades of "C" and below.
  6. Faculty members teaching seminars and clinics may elect whether to grade the course on the current letter grade basis (in which case the B+ median guideline would apply) or on an Honors/Pass/Fail basis. For those electing the Honors/Pass/Fail option, a guideline of 33% of Honors grades is recommended.
  7. Faculty are strongly encouraged to comply with these Guidelines.

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