Legal Services Practicum

Class Term: 
Fall Term 2015-2016
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Class Number: 
Class Schedule: 
4:30 pm -
6:20 pm
4 (2 Contact, 2 Field)
Graduation Requirements: 
Professional Skills
Enrollment Limit: 

Students must have completed three semesters of law school.

Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
Additional Information: 

The classroom component will focus on various substantive and procedural poverty law issues, on ethical considerations, and on lawyering skills — such as interviewing, counseling, fact-gathering, legal analysis, negotiation, research, drafting, and litigation — critical to many types of legal practice. Classroom assignments will include simulation exercises and preparing a monthly journal.

The field component will focus on advising and representing indigent clients. Field assignments will be available in Pittsburgh, Bridgeville, New Castle, and Butler. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in the county where they live or hope to practice. Most field assignments will include courtroom experience, and most students will be able to complete the field component before final exams. Every attempt will be made to schedule the field assignment at times convenient to the student.

Any interested student should send a copy of his/her resume, along with his/her first and second choices for a field assignment, to Ed Stevenson at Neighborhood Legal Services Association, 928 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, fax to 412-355-0168 or email to

For more information, please call Ed Stevenson at 412-255-6700, ext. 6156.

An optional two-credit externship at the legal services program may follow successful completion of the course.

Grading Details: 

Honors/Pass/Fail Grade: based upon performance in the classroom component and upon performance in providing legal services to indigent clients. No final exam.