Immigration Law Clinic

Class Term: 
Fall Term 2019-2020
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Class Number: 
Class Schedule: 
2:00 pm
3:50 pm
LAW 120
4 (2 Contact, 2 Field)
Graduation Requirements: 
Experiential Learning
Enrollment Limit: 

Due to the nature of clinical work, a student may not enroll in more than one clinic in a single semester. Students who do so will be automatically dis-enrolled from one of the clinics. Prior to dis-enrollment, clinical faculty will attempt to contact the student via email to inquire as to which clinic the student prefers. 

3rd Year Priority when offered in the Fall, 2nd Year Priority when offered in the Spring
Additional Information: 

Credits for the clinic are allocated to the classroom contact hours (2 credits of clinic per semester) and supervised field work (1 field hour of credit is equal to 52 hours of client work).

During the first semester the Clinic will address substantive aspects of the Immigration and Nationality Act as well as other applicable national and international law as well as advocacy and lawyering skills relevant to students' work at the clinic. Second semester students will not attend the weekly 2 hour classroom session but instead will devote significantly more time to effective case management and client representation before the Immigration Court and other agencies, and engage in other assigned clinic related work such as client interviewing and outreach activities. Second semester students will attend the weekly case supervision meetings.

The community based organizations with which the Clinic will collaborate include Jewish Family & Children's Service and the Latino Family Center, among others.

Grading Details: 

Students will receive a grade at the conclusion of each semester, however, in the event that a student does not complete the second semester the student shall receive a W for the course, thus nullifying the grade for the prior semester. Students will receive 4 credits per semester.

Each student will receive a letter grade based on some or all of the following factors:

  • Participation in classes and case rounds meetings 
  • Ability to work effectively with clients
  • Commitment and case management
  • Litigation and advocacy skills
  • Research skills and demonstrated knowledge of the applicable law
  • Professionalism before the court, community organizations and peers

Immigration Law or instructor's permission; attendance at a clinic pre-registration informational session is required. Fluency in languages other than English, experience with community work.

Students who would like to enroll in this Clinic must attend one of the mandatory pre-registration clinic informational meetings held each semester. The dates for these meetings are published in advance in the E-docket.  Students must sign in at the mandatory meeting in order to verify their attendance. If a student who has not attended one of the mandatory meetings (either this semester or the immediately preceding semester) registers for this Clinic, that student will be automatically dropped from the class by the Registrar. A dropped student may attempt to re-register after meeting with the appropriate faculty member; however, there is no guarantee that there will be space in the clinic to allow re-enrollment.

Second semester returning students in two-semester clinics will register after the "registration appointment period" concludes. That is, such students will register only during "open enrollment." The Registrar will provide such students with course permission numbers prior to the start of open enrollment to allow them to re-enroll.