LAW 5638: Race and the Law - 2184

Race and the Law
Class Term:
Spring Term 2017-2018
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Monday, Wednesday
12:30 pm
1:45 pm
LAW 111
3 (3 Contact, 0 Field)
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"W" Writing
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Grading Details

The final grade in this course will be based on a paper (75%) and class participation (25%). The paper will require two drafts and can be used to fulfill the “W” Writing Requirement. Class participation includes preparedness, contribution in class discussions and interactive exercises, completion of brief reflection essays, and presentation of one’s paper topic. If a student wants to use the course to receive ULW credit, s/he must enroll in the seminar (and not lecture) section for this course.


This course will explore the legal treatment of race in the United States. Central to this examination will be: (1) the legal and social construction of race and racism; (2) the legal history of racialized groups including African Americans, Latinos/as, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Arab and Middle Eastern Americans, and White Americans; (3) anti-discrimination laws (governing diverse areas such as education, employment, voting, familial relations, public accommodations, and housing); and (4) the relationship between race, language, and citizenship. A pervasive theme throughout the course will be the significance of race in the post-civil rights era. This inquiry will be analyzed under various modern civil rights perspectives including: Traditionalism (advocating for colorblindness and “reverse” racism claims), Reformism (supporting affirmative action); and Critical Race Theory (recognizing continued systemic subordination).

Race and the Law