Pennsylvania Innocence Project Practicum

Class Term: 
Fall Term 2018-2019
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Class Schedule: 
6:00 pm
7:40 pm
3 (2 Contact, 1 Field)
Graduation Requirements: 
Professional Skills
Experiential Learning
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During the fall semester students will become familiar with Pennsylvania post-conviction and federal habeas corpus law. Students will gain an understanding of some of the most common reasons that our criminal justice system fails resulting in the convicted innocent e.g. eye witness misidentification, incentivized testimony, prosecutorial misconduct, false confessions, and faulty forensic science.

Students meet at the Pennsylvania Innocence Project office located at Duquesne University in the Tribone Center for Clinical Legal Education, 914 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219. The 2 hour weekly seminar is held on Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:40 pm. In addition, students are required to perform at least 10 hours per week at the Project office. Each Friday, students will submit weekly timesheets to the Managing Attorney documenting their hours. Students will be required to log a total of 140 hours of practice or work time per semester for a total of 280 hours. This does not include the 2 hour-long classroom presentations.

Grading Details: 

No exam. The course will be graded S/U based upon course participation, professionalism, and completion of any assignments. Students will present and discuss their cases during the seminar.