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LAW 5290: Employment Law - 2201

Employment Law
Class Term:
Fall Term 2019-2020
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Monday, Thursday
3:30 pm
4:45 pm
LAW 109
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This course will include lessons on the major areas of employment law, including at-will employment, independent contractor vs. employee status, anti-harassment and discrimination laws, retaliation, leave laws, employment-related constitutional claims against public employers, restrictive covenants, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and other miscellaneous employment-related state and federal laws. 

Grading Details

Grading will be comprised of the following:  (1) one 10-point writing assignment; (2) three 5-point assignments; and (3) a 75-point in class final examination.


Legal regulation of work and the workplace in a non-union environment. The course will cover the expansion of employee rights against unjust dismissal, invasion of privacy and defamation, and will explore government regulations of the workplace in areas of health and safety, wages, hours, and benefits; it will also briefly survey employment discrimination law.

Employment Law