LAW 5313: Reproductive Law Policy - 2181

Reproductive Law Policy
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Fall Term 2017-2018
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3:30 pm
5:20 pm
LAW 118


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"W" Writing
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Throughout the course, guest speakers will add a practical dimension to the class, enhancing students' understanding of the ethical, strategic, and personal decisions encountered in impact litigation. The required readings will be supplemented with
optional readings and film offerings to enrich class discussion.

Grading Details

80% of the grade for this course will be based on a 15-page final paper on topics covered in class. Students will choose from a list of paper topics provided by the instructor. 20% of the grade for this course will be based on class participation.
All classes will include discussions that will require the participation of all students.


This course will closely examine selected aspects of the rapidly changing legal landscape affecting reproductive health, rights, and justice in the United States. The course will review law and policy governing abortion, sterilization, and contraceptive care; pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding; maternal-fetal conflicts, including the emergence of fetal rights and forced obstetric interventions; state regulation of childbearing by low-income women and women of color; and the reproductive rights of minors, incarcerated women, women with disabilities, and LGBT people. We will analyze the competing doctrinal, legal, and constitutional bases of individual rights in these fields, evaluating the dominant theoretical frameworks within which reproductive rights are commonly understood.

Reproductive Law & Policy