LAW 2391: Elder Law for MSL - 2194

Elder Law for MSL
Class Term:
Spring Term 2018-2019
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Monday, Wednesday
12:30 p.m.
3:15 p.m.
LAW 120


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MSL Courses - Enrollment is limited to MSL students

Additional Information

This class is only available to MSL students.  JD students are not eligible to enroll. MSL students will attend 10-12  Elder Law Clinic seminar classes selected by the faculty member and complete written assignments associated with those classes.   Additionally, the student will select an elder law issue as a topic for a short seminar paper and create a community presentation on that topic.  The MSL student will be responsible for identifying a community group interested in the presentation, or, if that is not feasible, will present the topic to the Clinic seminar.

Grading Details

Class participation and written assignments (20%); community presentation ( 10% ); 2 draft 15 page seminar paper supporting community presentation topic (70%)


This class is only available to MSL students.  JD students are not eligible to enroll.  MSL students will attend selected portions of the seminar sessions of the Elder Law Clinic (10-12 sessions).  The seminar component focuses on issues of capacity in medical treatment, mental health law, estate planning, contractual relations, and property management.  Emphasis will be placed on long term planning, including the interaction of estate planning and medical assistance (Medicaid) eligibility. Additionally, in lieu of client representation, MSL students will research an elder law issue and draft a short research paper on the topic and prepare and make a community presentation on the selected topic and/or create informational materials designed to educate the community on a specific elder law issue.

Elder Law for MSL