Constitutional Law: Freedom of Religion

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Religious liberty has been one of the most pressing issues at the Supreme Court the past few terms in decisions on issues including prayer by public school to employees, government funding of religious schools, religious exemptions from non-discrimination laws, and religious displays on government land. The Court's decisions have significant consequences for the rights and obligations of religious people and institutions, the balance between state and religion, and, therefore, the rights of all citizens, regardless of their beliefs and practices. This course will analyze those recent decisions through the lens of the constitutional text, history, purposes, and Supreme Court precedent. We will discuss the foundational principles and the interpretations that underlie the current debate, and we will explore hypotheticals to flesh out the impact of the different sides of that debate. Students should walk away with the knowledge and the tools to understand the issues more deeply and to reach your own conclusions.

Course Offerings 2023-2024

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Spring Term 2023-2024


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