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Landlord Tenant Law

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This course will examine issues relating primarily to the relationship between residential landlords and tenants, including the creation of the tenancy, the rights and duties of the parties, interpretation and application of critical lease provisions, and the framework for prosecuting and defending various types of eviction proceedings based upon a violation of law or breach of lease.  Other topics may include discrimination in rental housing, rent regulation, public housing and housing-related public policy initiatives.   There will be discussion and analysis of federal, state and local statutory authority and recent case law developments.  Students will also have an opportunity to hear from lawyers and judges to get their "real-world" perspective on landlord-tenant practice.  Students will be assessed through class participation, a mid-term exam, and a final exam.  

Course Offerings 2020-2021

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Fall Term 2020-2021 26903


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Course Offerings 2019-2020

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Fall Term 2019-2020 28790


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