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Law of Art and Culture (The)

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This course will introduce the student, from an academic and practical perspective, to the body of law that regulates and is applied to artists, fine art and cultural property. Moreover, this class will survey legal and practical concepts relating to protection, acquisition, exhibition and sale of works of art, including: issues regarding copyright, first amendment, art censorship, moral rights, resale rights, art sale and purchase transactions, and online user generated content. Specific topics will include:
contexts in which a legal institution must determine whether a particular object is a work of “art” or art of a particular type;
artists’ rights, including statutory and non-statutory moral rights and resale rights; problems of authenticity;
Licensing images, hyperlinking, art in social networking sites and other issues relevant to art and new media;
stolen art, including objects looted during World War II;
developments in law and industry practice relevant to “cultural heritage,” the association of particular objects with particular places or societies.