Con Law II: Government Powers, Federalism and Presidency in Trump Era

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"W" Writing
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This upper‐level constitutional law course advances issues raised by the structural parts of the United States Constitution, as opposed to individual rights. Attention will be given to the relationships of the three federal branches of government, with emphasis on some of the powers and limitations of the executive, legislative and judicial bodies that arise from principles of separation of powers and national checks and balances. The course will also consider federalism and the respective roles of the national and state governments in some detail. These structural aspects of the Constitution will be discussed against the backdrop of the Trump Presidency, including, but not limited to, questions concerning judicial processes of indictment, Presidential pardons, the Emoluments Clause, the 25th Amendment,plenary powers over foreign affairs, the constitutionality of an international wall, congressional impeachment processes, and the legitimacy of sanctuary cities. Students will be expected to discuss the issues in a dispassionate, civil and academic fashion.

Course Offerings 2020-2021

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Fall Term 2020-2021 28158


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