Lawyering in Real Time

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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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"W" Writing
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Course Description

Lawyers practicing in the fast-paced, information-glutted, 24/7 society of the 21st century need to know how to
research the latest legal developments quickly and efficiently;
identify and leverage the most up-to-date and authoritative resources available;
accurately evaluate the credibility of “facts” and analysis;
connect and collaborate “just in time” with knowledgeable peers and experts; and
report their own conclusions to clients, colleagues and courts clearly and concisely.
JURIST, the award-winning online legal news service at Pitt Law, has pioneered a range of real time legal research and writing techniques honing these skills, but JURIST can only take a fraction of the students who apply to it every year. In this workshop, JURIST now offers basic training in “real time lawyering” to Pitt law students not on staff.
Guided by JURIST professional staff, workshop students will learn how to navigate, synthesize and explain large amounts of dynamic information from diverse unfamiliar sources over short periods of time in demanding collaborative environments.