Lawyering Process I: Interviewing and Counseling

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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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Experiential Learning
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Proficiency in interviewing and counseling is essential to both the litigator and transactional lawyer. Lawyering Process I will provide the student with theoretical understanding of interviewing/counseling and intensive training designed to develop these essential skills. Through lectures, readings, demonstrative videotapes and class discussions, the "client-centered" model advocated by the instructor as well as the "traditional approach" will be introduced, examined, and collectively critiqued. Practice will involve observing/critiquing weekly in-class simulations (with students as "client," "lawyer"). Periodic quizzes and two videotaped exercises at mid-point and end of course (with students interviewing/counseling “outside” client) will be scheduled. Consistent attendance is required in order to ensure the effectiveness of in-class simulated exercises and to acquire comprehensive knowledge of/practice in each essential skill.