Law Intersession - Intl/Comp:International Trade Law

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International / Comparative
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The ongoing transformation of the international economic legal order and of global governance institutions is generally attributed to globalization. The establishment of global governance institutions is linked with the need to solve issues that affect, due to their nature, the international community. Yet, both globalization and institutions established for its promotion are in a profound crisis of identity. Concerns arise as to the coherence and compatibility of these trading processes and efforts with respect to national and global challenges. Both public opinion and policy makers fear that international trade, in particular a further liberalization thereof, may undermine or jeopardize policies and measures enacted for facing global challenges. This is the domain of this course; the law and policy of relations between national governments concerning the regulation of economic transactions that have cross-border effects also on the life of the population at large. The course covers the relevant WTO agreements and investigates the interaction among trade, economic globalization and global challenges. This course will also deal with past and present debates over the role of the legal order in economic development, analyzing today’s most important issues in this domain: environmental crisis and the rise of emerging economies. Emerging economies, especially China, are increasingly taking the lead in reforms attempt of international economic law and from rule taker are now shaping the future of this field. Trade wars, the securitization of international trade as well as COVID-19 implications on international economic law are also covered in this course to demonstrate the broader crisis of what we can term as multilateralism.

Course Offerings 2023-2024

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Spring Term 2023-2024


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