PA Practice Practicum

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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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Experiential Learning
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This is a two-semester course, and students must enroll sequentially for both the fall and spring term to receive credit. Students are expected to commit to 2 semesters of work for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Students will receive a pass/fail grade at the conclusion of each semester, however, in the event that a student does not complete the second semester, the student shall receive a W for the course, thus nullifying the grade for the prior semester. The fall term offering of the course is 4 cr., and the spring term offering is 2 cr.
The practicum runs the full school year, so those interested must devote both semesters to the program. The PA Practice Practicum is focused on providing students with skills needed to practice law. 104 hours of field work per semester is required. The fall term offering of the course will have a classroom component and field work, and the spring term offering is all field work. The seminar component will be held in the Pittsburgh offices of Neighborhood Legal Services during the first semester and will include sections on client interviewing and counseling; negotiating; letter writing; research; preparation of pleadings; courtroom and administrative hearing procedures; and the substantive law related to landlord tenant, employment, and consumer law. In the field component students will represent clients in both forums.

Course Offerings 2022-2023

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Fall Term 2022-2023


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