Pittsburgh Tax Review

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The Pittsburgh Tax Review is a semiannual legal journal focusing on all aspects of tax law that is published by second- and third-year students under the supervision of the Faculty Editors, who select all work for publication through a peer-review process. Members not only write scholarly notes on an area of tax law, but also edit all works selected for publication. Students with high academic averages are invited to become members following completion of their first year. Students who receive a grade of A- or higher in Federal Income Tax are invited to become members during the next academic year. All first-year students may enter a writing competition held over the summer from which additional members are chosen.

Course Offerings 2018-2019

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Fall Term 2018-2019 13658 More >
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Fall Term 2017-2018 13785 More >
Spring Term 2017-2018 13531 More >

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Fall Term 2016-2017 13935 More >
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