UCIS Area Studies Certificates

The University’s Center for International Studies (UCIS) offers area studies certificate programs that combine foreign language training and multidisciplinary courses that are necessary for communicative and cultural competence. Pitt Law students can complete an area studies certificate concurrently with their J.D. program, adding no additional time to their studies.

Each area certificate program has unique application and credit requirements. Please visit UCIS’ site for each program to learn more:


UCIS offers Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships for participation in some of its programs.  CILE coordinates the FLAS fellowship applications for law students. FLAS fellowships represent the single largest scholarship available to a law student. Each one covers full tuition and provides a general stipend for the academic year. The FLAS fellowship application is available hereApplication deadline for Law students: Febuary 15, 2016.


The area studies programs have agreed to reduce the out-of-school requirement to 3 courses for law students (while retaining the requirement for the total number of courses in the area). This means that students may obtain a certificate and the J.D. by taking just one course over the required 88 credit hours. This should make the certificate option more manageable for law students.