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The Barco Law Library is open during regular library hours for Pitt Law faculty and students only.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not open to Pitt users outside of Pitt Law; and we are not open to the public.

Online MSL Course Information

The Online MSL program consists of nine courses offered sequentially, from 3- to 8-weeks in length, tailor-made for MSL students.  MSL students will complete the online program with a sure footing in a wide range of legal topics that are crucial to developing a successful career in a variety of professional fields.  The courses are:

  • American Legal System (8 weeks; 2.5 credits)
  • Private Law I: Contracts (3 weeks; 1.25 credits)
  • Private Law II: Torts (3 weeks; 1.25 credits)
  • Private Law III: Property (3 weeks; 1.25 credits)
  • Public Law I: Constitutional Law (3 weeks; 1.25 credits)
  • Public Law II: Criminal Law (3 weeks; 1.25 credits)
  • Public Law III: Legislation and Regulation (3 weeks; 1.25 credits)
  • Business and Tax Law (7 weeks; 2.5 credits)
  • Commercial and Tech Law (7 weeks; 2.5 credits)

Course Calendar