Program Overview and Objectives

The IBL&DR Certificate program was developed working with practicing international lawyers with years of experience in cross-border business transactions and the disputes that arise out of them. 

The IBL&DR  Certificate will provide the busy working professional with a practical working understanding of all aspects of cross-border business transactions, from

  • establishing business relationships in new jurisdictions
  • understanding and analyzing risks in doing business
  • negotiating key substantive points, including in key specialty areas like intellectual property, investment and trade, and tax
  • providing the framework for resolving disagreements that may arise between the parties; and actually litigating or arbitrating such disputes

The IBL&DR  Certificate provides important knowledge and practical experience that is not usually available other than with years of work in the field. After completing the IBL & DR Certificate, you will have a solid working knowledge of the ins and outs of cross-border business transactions, a roadmap of the potential pitfalls and most likely areas where disputes will arise, and the framework for how to either avoid those issues, or work towards resolving them if a formal dispute arises.