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Class of 2022 Pitt Law Ambassadors

Vivi Besteman (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreHometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Academic Interests: Criminal Law, Property Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The student body at Pitt Law truly feels like a community. Everyone is always willing to support one another and to extend kindness and insight where needed. The proximity to the city of Pittsburgh offers an abundance of arts, entertainment, and professional experiences.
Fun Facts: Vivi majored in Communications, Law, Economics, and Government at American University and was an intern for a public policy think-tank in the Executive Office of the Mayor of Washington, DC. Vivi writes for JURIST, serves as Webmaster for the Women's Association at Pitt Law, and works part-time as a barista.

Spencer Coolidge (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreHometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Academic Interests: Intellectual Property Law, Family Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The Pitt Law faculty and staff are among some of the best in the world! There is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie within the Pitt Law Community. There are plenty of activities, societies, and networking events to ensure a personalized experience and prepare you for success in the legal field.
Fun Facts: Spencer is passionate about music and plays multiple instruments including the bass guitar in a local band! He graduated from Penn State with a degree in English and a minor in Rhetoric. Spencer currently serves as an intern to the Honorable Daniel D. Regan in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Family Division.

Anokhy Desai (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreHometown: Los Angeles, California
Academic Interests: Data Protection and Privacy Law
Pitt Law Favorites: In just your first semester, you'll find that Pitt Law faculty have an open door policy and are very accessible. I appreciated knowing they were happy to help with class questions and provide guidance as we started our legal careers.
Fun Facts: Anokhy was at a jazz club at a table next to Jeff Goldblum, when he got up mid-song and took over for the bassist! Also she is a violinist in the orchestra at CMU.

Danielle Harrington (JD '22)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
Academic Interests: Contracts, Public Interest
Pitt Law Favorites: The community at Pitt Law is incredible. The professors and faculty are approachable, extremely welcoming, and genuinely want to see you succeed.
Fun Facts: Danielle has a tabby cat named Ruth Bader Ginspurrrg. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in History. When Danielle has free time, she likes to read mystery novels and biographies of historical figures.

Danielle Jacobs (JD '22)

Hometown: Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Academic Interests: Real Estate Law, Corporate Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Professors want to make sure you succeed and help in any way they can. Reach out to professors with professional experience or teach in an area of law you are interested in. You'll learn not only about their experiences but may discover new interests in a particular legal field.
Fun Facts: Danielle is a twin and grew up on a farm. She graduated from Penn State with a major in Finance and a minor in Economics. Danielle enjoys watching the Perseids Meteorite Shower in August each year.

Noel Johnson (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreAcademic Interests: Environmental Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The faculty at Pitt Law truly want to see their students succeed. All my professors have been extremely supportive and approachable during my time at Pitt Law.
Fun Facts: Noel grew up as an army brat and has lived all over the country including Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana and New York. In her spare time, she loves to read, run and go on hikes with her dog. Noel will intern with Pennsylvania's Office of General Counsel at the Department of Environmental Protection this summer.

Jesse Lamp (JD '22)

Hometown: Dexter City, Ohio / Olympia, Washington
Academic Interests: Administrative Law and Policy (Veteran and Immigration Policy)
Pitt Law Favorites: Overall, the environment at the law school is great. The professors are friendly and helpful, and my colleagues feel more like teammates than adversaries. PittLaw is also well connected in the local legal community and really pushes to help students make those valuable connections.
Fun Facts: To name a few fun adventures, Jesse once judged a motorcoach rodeo (driving tour buses through a maze). Jesse was a licensed motorcycle instructor and the captain of a motorcycle drill team. He served six years in the Army (two deployments to Iraq) as an aviation maintenance supervisor, driver’s training instructor, heavy equipment operator, and downed aircraft recovery team member.

Devin Malone (JD '22)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Academic Interests: Real Estate
Pitt Law Favorites: It’s impossible not to mention how great the faculty at Pitt Law is. Doors are open and everyone is willing to help! They want you to succeed, and who wouldn’t want that kind of support in their corner?
Fun Facts: Devin loves to bake in her free time! She’s been casually baking for over 10 years, but recently left the sugar out of her Thanksgiving cheesecake (whoops). Although cooking is not in her skill set, she loves a good empanada. Devin graduated from Allegheny College with an Economics/Spanish double major and studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina (which is where her love for empanadas originated).

Angela Mauroni (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreHometown: New Kensington, PA
Academic Interests: Employment Law, Public Policy, Health Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Media Law, Criminal Procedure
Fun Facts: I love plants and own more than 30.


Alexandra Patterson (JD '22)

Hometown: Saxonburg, PA 
Academic Interests: Environmental and Municipal Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Collaborating with other law students.
Fun Facts: Alexandra is an Opera singer.


Meera Rajput (JD '22)

Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Academic Interests: Health Law, Family Law, Entertainment Law
Pitt Law Favorites: My favorite part of Pitt Law is the high quality of education and the welcoming and helpful faculty and staff.
Fun Facts: Meera likes to hang out with her friends and watch movies in her free time. She also likes to read young adult fiction novels when she is not reading for law school. She graduated from Pitt with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in economics.

Sarah Schroeder (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreHometown: Tallahassee, Florida
Academic Interests: Corporate Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Debbie who works in the Side Bar and the glass room in the library!
Fun Facts: Sarah studied Impressionism in Paris in 2015.

Maddison Sullivan (JD '22)

Stephanie MooreHometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Academic Interests: Civil Litigation
Pitt Law Favorites: My favorite part of Pitt Law is the community here. My peers are supportive, the administration is heavily involved in making the Pitt Law experience better, and my professors are available any time to talk about class, their own experience as attorneys, or whatever happens to be on my mind that day! Pitt Law has truly become my family, and I could not be more grateful.
Fun Facts: During undergrad, Maddison worked at Walt Disney World for a semester in the Disney College Program! She split time between Splash Mountain and taking care of the parade route in Frontierland. She loved making magic every day.

Jean Yesudas (JD '22)

Hometown: Katy, Texas
Academic Interests: Health Law & Civil Rights
Pitt Law Favorites: I came from a very large university, so having a small enough class to know every single person pretty well is my favorite thing about Pitt Law. There's a healthy competition between classmates, but in general the entire Pitt Law community wants everyone to succeed and we all help each other out as much as we can. The school does its best to make sure every student looks impressive and gets a chance to shine.
Fun Facts: Jean has had the chance to live all over the world and loved moving around. Her favorite region is Southeast Asia because of all the time she spent there and she is constantly craving Indonesian Food.