Pitt Law Ambassadors Class of 2022

Katherine Andrews (JD '22)

Deja Bryant

Hometown:  San Bernardino, CA
Academic Interests: Health and Employment Law 
Fun facts: I own over 300 bucks.

Deja Bryant (JD '22)

Deja Bryant

Hometown: Chicago, IL 
Academic Interests: Litigation 
Pitt Law Favorites: My favorite thing about Pitt Law is the ground level. Not only does the ground level give us the opportunity to socialize with friends and even an occasional professor, but it gives us a "break" from law school. Also the ground level is where I can always find Debbie. Debbie is not only a great barista - she is like everyone's parent. The atmosphere of the ground level is my favorite thing, and the thing I miss the most, about Pitt Law.
Fun Facts: Deja has viewed every single episode of NBC's Dateline.

Melina Georgiades (JD '22)

Priya Desai

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Real Estate Law and Elder Law
Fun Facts: Melina is a transfer student at Pitt Law.

Dani Harrington (JD '22)

Priya Desai

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Contracts, Property, and Tax Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The community at Pitt Law is incredible. The professors and faculty are approachable, extremely welcoming, and genuinely want to see you succeed.
Fun Facts: Dani has a Tabby Cat named Ruth Bader Ginspurrrg. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in History. When Dani has free time, she likes to read biographies and mystery novels.

Kenneth Held (JD '22)

Priya Desai

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Complex Litigation, Immigration Law, Public Policy
Pitt Law Favorites: I love the community at Pitt Law. Everyone from upperclassmen, professors, faculty and staff are always willing to help. 
Fun Facts: I am from Buffalo, NY and a huge Buffalo Bills fan! Go Bills! 

Emma Howard (JD '22)

Emma Howard

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Academic Interests: Corporate, Transactional, Energy and Environmental Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The friendly faculty and students, Pitt Law Women's Association (PLWA), the Pitt Law Journal Law of Commerce, and the strong sense of support and community.
Fun Facts: Emma is the first person in her family to attend law school.

Boutros Imad (JD '22)

Emma Howard

Hometown: Lebanon 
Academic Interests: Business and Commercial Law and Tax Law
Fun Facts: It is my sixth year in Law School.

Nikki Kaing (JD '22)

Emma Howard

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Academic Interests: Tax and Bankruptcy Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The Pitt Law faculty and staff.
Fun Facts: Nikki is a student of the Accelerated Law Program (3+3) and was a finance major in undergrad.

Emily Kessel (JD '22)

Emily Kessel

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Academic Interests: Intellectual Property, Technology, and Data Privacy Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The sense of community and wide array of opportunities available for students, law-related or not. 
Fun Facts: Emily was a competitive Irish dancer for 13 years and competed at regional, national, and international levels.

Jesse D. Lamp (JD '22)

Emily Kessel

Hometown: Dexter City, OH/Olympia, WA 
Academic Interests: Administrative Law, International Law, Intellectual Property, Land Use and Municipal Law, and Environmental and Water Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: Overall, the environment at the law school is great. The professors are friendly and helpful, and my colleagues feel more like teammates rather than adversaries. Pitt Law is also very well connected in the local legal community and really pushes to help students make those valuable connections. 
Fun Facts: Jesse has once judged a motor coach rodeo (driving tour bases through a maze). I was also a licensed motorcycle instructor and the captain of a motorcycle drill team. I served six years in the Army as an aviation maintenance supervisor, driver's training instructor, heavy equipment operator, and downed aircraft recovery team member. 

Alexandre LeBlanc (JD '22)

Emma Howard

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 
Academic Interests: International and Corporate Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The strong community and the people that make it.
Fun Facts: Alexandre speaks five languages and is currently learning another one.

Devin Malone (JD '22)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The people. The general school environment is friendly, supportive, and fun. 
Fun Facts: Pre-pandemic, my husband and I ran a Pittsburgh happy hour blog. We're hoping to pick it back up soon, and when we do, you can visit our site for a clean database of Pittsburgh bars and restaurants and their happy hours!

Angela Mauroni (JD '22)

Emily Kessel

Hometown: New Kensington, PA 
Academic Interests: Employment Law, Health Law, and Public Policy
Pitt Law Favorites: The classes Media Law and Criminal Procedure.
Fun Facts: Angela is a true passion for plants and owns more than 30.

Cristin Micera Mitchell (JD '22)

Hometown: Bear Creek, PA
Academic Interests: Criminal Law, Civil Rights, Critical Race Theory
Pitt Law Favorites: Pitt Law's Greatest Hits: PLISF Auction -- great for winning prizes like dinner with your favorite Professor; PLSP speaker series -- great for opening your eyes; Debbie at the Sidebar Cafe -- always smiling; the free admission to museums with your ID -- good for taking a break from studying; how close the Phipps is to Barco -- great for spring and fall evening study sessions; and all the free food after events -- don't forget to keep an empty container in your locker!
Fun Facts: I used to live in Hawaii -- surfing and paddle boarding, fresh mangoes, beach gatherings, passion fruit, wearing flip-flops in winter, hiking in rainforests, learning about the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement; coconut haupia and poi; volunteering in the orchid nursery at the Honolulu Botanical Garden; The Spam Festival; watching the big-wave surfing competitions in person; Satsuma tangerines ... did I mention the food was great?

Shenise Muhammad (JD '22)

Hometown: Southside Chicago, IL 
Academic Interests: Real Estate and Banking Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The sense of community and wide array of opportunities available for students, law-related or not. 
Fun Facts: Shenise has a passion for dance and her free-spirited personality matches her daily motto to just having a good time.

Matthew Nace (JD '22)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Corporate and Commercial Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: Helpful Faculty, Law School Community, Easy Access to Downtown, Lots of Food and Entertainment Options in Oakland 
Fun Facts: Matthew loves rock climbing and being outdoors.

Tara Nath (JD '22)

Priya Desai

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Military Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: My favorite things about Pitt Law are Allie, Dean Amy, and Debbie from the coffee bar downstairs.
Fun Facts: Tara found out she was adopted when she was 18.

Steven Pagach (JD '22)

Priya Desai

Hometown: Alexandria, VA 
Academic Interests: International Law, Corporate Law, and Public Policy
Pitt Law Favorites: Great city, great sports, and fun atmosphere!
Fun Facts: Steven speaks Spanish, German, and is learning Navajo! 

Alexandra Patterson (JD '22)

Alexandra Patterson

Hometown: Saxonburg, PA 
Academic Interests: Environmental and Municipal Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Collaborating with other law students. 
Fun Facts: Alexandra is an Opera singer.

Annelise Peters (JD '22)

Hometown: Louisville, KY 
Academic Interests: Criminal Defense and Public Interest
Pitt Law Favorites: The Sidebar, Criminal Procedure Class, and the Library Massage Chair.
Fun Facts: I am a professional ultimate Frisbee player.

Luke Shamy (JD '22)

Hometown: Easton, PA 
Academic Interests: Commercial and Construction Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: Commercial Transactions, Business Organizations and Property Law

Sarah Schroeder (JD '22)

Sarah Schroeder

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Academic Interests: Corporate and Real Estate Law, Estates and Trusts
Pitt Law Favorites: Debbie at the Sidebar and my amazing group of friends.
Fun Facts: As an undergrad student, Sarah studied impressionist art in Paris, France.

Maddison Sullivan (JD '22)

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Academic Interests: Civil Litigation and Law Review
Pitt Law Favorites: The Law School's Deans (Dean Amy J. Wildermuth, Vice-Dean Haider A la Hamoudi and Dean of Students Allie Linsenmeyer)
Fun Facts: Maddison worked at Splash Mountain as part of the Disney College Program.

Kallie Vento (JD '22)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Academic Interests: Corporate Law and Contracts 
Pitt Law Favorites: How welcome every faculty and staff member make you feel even when you're online! 
Fun Facts: Kallie has been hot air ballooning and traveled to nine different countries thus far (with many more on the list to travel to after COVID).

Stacy Yerington (JD '22)

Sarah SchroederHometown: Hamburg, NY 
Academic Interests: Compliance and Local Government (JD Advantage Track) 
Pitt Law Favorites: The sense of community at Pitt Law is really something I did not expect from grad school, much less something as competitive as law school! The professors and administrative staff are truly committed to ensuring you succeed during your time at Pitt and beyond.
Fun Facts: Stacy is a proud dog mom to an American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix named Marshall that she rescued from a local shelter during law school. He is the biggest cuddle bug you will ever meet and likes to join Stacy and her classmates for Zoom classes by sitting by her side so that she can pet him. Stacy graduated from The Ohio State University in 2018 with a major in Human Development and Family Science and a minor in Psychology.

Mike Zula (JD '22)

Sarah Schroeder

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Academic Interests: Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law, Pop Culture and Justice, Equity and Inclusion
Pitt Law Favorites: Debbie at the Sidebar, Corner Booths in the Student Lounge, the Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence and OUTLaw 
Fun Facts: Dishes are my least favorite chore.