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Pitt Law Ambassadors Class of 2023

Marie Feyche (JD '23)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA 
Academic Interests: Criminal Law
Pitt Law Favorites: The faculty at Pitt Law is incredibly welcoming. All of my professors have been supportive, and it is clear that they want their students to excel.
Fun Facts: Marie loves to play the cello and was in the Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra, a volunteer orchestra, before starting law school.

Lynsey Gutzmer (JD '23)

Hometown: Lakewood, NY 
Academic Interests: Health Law and Patent Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The professors at Pitt Law truly care about their students and want to see us succeed. The faculty and staff are excited to forge relationships with the students and take the time to get to know each of us. I have felt so welcomed by the community here at Pitt Law.
Fun Facts: Lynsey loves to spend free time trying out new recipes in my kitchen and curling up with a good book. I graduated from Allegheny College with a bachelor's degree in Biology and English.

Sydney Mengel (JD '23)

Hometown: Winter Haven, FL 
Academic Interests: Tax Law and Criminal Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The faculty at Pitt Law are amazing. They are always eager to assist students, provide advice, and discuss their academic and professional journey. 
Fun Facts: Sydney graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in German. She worked in the United States Senate for three years prior to attending law school. 

Cade A. Richmond (JD '23)

Hometown: Claremont, CA 
Academic Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Family, and Property Law 
Fun Facts: I can recite the alphabet backwards.

Richard Senior (JD '23)

Hometown: San Jose, CA / Provo, UT
Academic Interests: Corporate Law, Financial Law, Restructuring/Bankruptcy Law
Pitt Law Favorites: Pitt Law's small class sizes permit professors to develop close relationships with students and take an interest in their success--inside and outside the classroom. The school also has well-connected and active alumni that are approachable and willing to offer mentorship and advice. The mentors I have been matched with through various law school programs have provided me with invaluable insight into their legal practice areas and have helped me navigate employment opportunities.
Fun Facts: Richard is a fan of all things Caribbean. He also enjoys playing sports, watching independent films, and exploring local cuisine.

Jack Scott (JD '23)

Hometown: Arlington, NE 
Academic Interests: Interested in the history and philosophy of the law, along with the social consequences of our current legal system in a rapidly changing landscape. Public interest and health law.
Pitt Law Favorites: I enjoy strolling the beautiful campus with friends, and getting to know the wonderful faculty and students that make up this great university. I love the city of Pittsburgh, and it has been a fantastic place to be a student--while also proving to be a great location for flourishing professionals.
Fun Facts: Jack studied Philosophy, Political Science, and Ethics at Washington State University. He worked on a project to nominate the gravesite of an Underground Railroad conductor to the Network of Freedom, with successful approval. Jack always enjoys playing and watching sports, socializing with friends, and working with vehicles!

Gabby Shaulis (JD '23)

Hometown: Salix, PA 
Academic Interests: Criminal Law 
Pitt Law Favorites: The patio off of the second floor, Kim Getz's dog pictures, and having a Dunkin across the street.
Fun Facts: Gabby was a member of Pitt's band as an undergrad and volunteers with a nonprofit to TNR and rescue stray/feral cats.