Priority Decision

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law offers Priority Decision for those students whose first choice of law school is Pitt Law.   With our rolling admissions process, Priority Decision applicants receive first consideration.  Priority Decision expresses to the admissions committee an applicant's commitment to attend Pitt Law.  When applying through the Priority Decision process, your file is guaranteed to be reviewed and a decision rendered within 14 days of your file going to the admissions committee.  If a positive decision is rendered, the decision will be binding.  Those students admitted through the Priority Decision process receive full consideration for all of our merit scholarships and are also eligible for one of our three priority decision scholarships.

If the University of Pittsburgh School of Law is your first choice of law school, you should apply through Priority Decision application process.  To apply through our Priority Decision process, you must complete and submit our admissions application and check the Priority Decision box under program choice.  

Decision Notification

All Priority Decision applicants will be notified of the Admission Committee's decision within 14 days of your file going to the admissions committee. There are three decisions that may be rendered on a Priority Decision Application.

  • Accepted - if admitted, Priority Decision applicants are immediately bound to enroll at Pitt Law and are required to withdraw all other law school applications.  Because offers of admission under the Priority Decision process are binding, applicants may not apply through any other law schools' binding admissions process.
  • Denied
  • Waitlisted - if waitlisted, applications will be considered  a regular admission applicant and a positive admissions decision will no longer be binding.