Professional Development of Students and Recent Graduates

Pitt Law alumni provide invaluable professional development assistance to our current students and recent graduates to guide them in reaching their career goals.

How to Help:

Alumni may choose one or more of the below volunteer options to support our students and recent graduates:

  1. Serve as a Mentor or Speak 1X1 with a student or recent graduate. Contact Lori McMaster, Executive Director for External Relations
  2. Speak with or create a message for an Admitted Student who is considering attending Pitt Law. Contact Charmaine McCall, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
  3. Record a virtual Master Class around a specific practice area, skill set, or work environment (Recommended Length: 20 minutes)
  4. Record a Video Interview relating to your own work experience and career track (Recommended Length: 5-7 minutes)

Next Steps for Master Class/Video Interview:

  1. If you wish to volunteer, please complete this survey.
  2. A waiver authorizing us to review, edit and/or share your recorded Master Class/Video Interview must be completed and submitted. Please complete this form. Once you have submitted this form, the waiver will be emailed directly to you via DocuSign for completion.

Contact Lori McMaster, Esq., Executive Director for External Relations with any questions.

Available Resources:

Alumni may access the below resources created by the Professional Development Office (PDO) for assistance:

Master Class and Video Interviews

View sample topics and practice areas to address in a Master Class and Video Interview.

Getting-to-Know Pantopto

Instructions for downloading and recording a lecture or video via Pantopto, the University's online teaching platform.

University Zoom backgrounds and powerpoints

Create Stunning Visuals

Choose from three branded and customizable University of Pittsburgh PowerPoint presentation templates and video conferencing backgrounds.