U. of Pgh. Bernard J. Hibbitts
Associate Dean for Communications & Information Technology; Professor of Law
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and welcome to my home page. I've developed this Web site to support my research in the emerging field of law and communication studies and to supplement my teaching in the more traditional subject-areas of legal history and wills.

My articles on electronic legal publishing, law and metaphor, law and gesture, and law and the senses may be found in full text, conference presentation or abstract form under the main menu heading Papers.

Course descriptions, hyperlinks and selected electronic materials for my classes in American Legal History 1600-1865, American Legal History 1865-1990 and Estates and Trusts, and for my seminars in Ancient Law and English Legal History, are posted under the main menu heading Courses.

A full curriculum vitae is available under the main menu heading entitled Profile.

Connections to other recommended sites on higher education, American, Canadian and English legal research, legal history, electronic scholarly publishing, the study of orality and literacy, Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan, and the senses in human culture are provided under the Hotlinks heading.

What's New
These days I send a good part of my time directing JURIST: The Law Professors' Network, a free non-commercial Internet service dedicated to the advancement of academic, professional and public legal education. Headquartered here at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, JURIST is mirrored in Europe by the Faculty of Law, Cambridge University, and in Australia by the Faculty of Law, Australian National University.

JURIST has received a number of awards, including a Top 5% of the Web citation from Lycos; it's also been featured or mentioned in the National Law Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly.

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Thanks for visiting, and drop by again soon. If you have any comments on this Web site, if you'd like to request a printed copy of any of the articles published or abstracted here, if you'd like to make a suggestion, or would just like to get in touch, fill out the electronic form provided under the Feedback heading or, if you'd prefer, e-mail me at Hibbitts@law.pitt.edu.
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