Arthur Hellman Testifies at House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Federal Officer Removal

Professor Arthur Hellman told a congressional committee that a proposed amendment to the federal officer removal statute is sound policy, but that the language should be fine-tuned to make it more clear and direct and also to specify more precisely the kinds of proceedings that could be removed. Professor Hellman testified as an invited witness at a hearing of the Committee on Courts and Competition Policy of the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing topic was the “Removal Clarification Act of 2010,” a bill introduced in the House with bipartisan sponsorship. The bill would resolve conflicts in the lower courts about when a federal officer can seek the protection of federal court in a case to which the officer is not a party. The Subcommittee Chairman and Ranking Member said that the comments by Professor Hellman and other witnesses would be taken into account in a Manager’s Amendment to the bill before the full committee markup.

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