Arthur Hellman’s Media Week: NY Times, LA Times, and more

Professor Arthur Hellman’s views on judicial nominations, Ninth Circuit dust-ups, and other court-related issues received extensive media coverage last week. Here are the headlines of the stories that quoted Professor Hellman:

New York Times. Obama’s Court Nominees Are Focus of Speculation. (Mar. 10.)

Los Angeles Times. Judge appointments are Obama's chance to shape California courts. (Mar. 15.)

ABA Journal. University Club ‘Public Service’ Discount for Justices Causing a Stir. (Mar. 10.)

ABA Journal. Liberal 9th Circuit Judges Rebel over ‘Cert Petition’ Dissents in En Banc Denials. (Mar. 12.)

San Jose Mercury News. Democrats bracing to reshape California federal judiciary. (Mar. 15.)

The Recorder (San Francisco). San Francisco Health Care Law Survives 9th Circuit but May Face High Court. (Mar. 10.)

Daily Journal (San Francisco & Los Angeles). Liberal Wing of 9th Circuit Lashes Out at Snarky Conservative Dissents. (Mar. 12.)

Medical News Today. Court Watchers Anticipate First Of Obama Appointments, Look For Signs Of Ideological Stance. (Mar. 12.)

Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader. Lawyers’ donations to judges debated. (Mar. 16.)