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Pitt Law Attendance Policy

FOR Fall OF 2021, please note the memorandum at the following link:  Attendance Policy Adjustments—Fall 2021. The changes to the attendance policy reflected in the memorandum are applicable for the Fall 2021 semester only and only replace the existing attendance policy, set forth below, to the extent that they are in conflict with it. On all matters on which the memorandum policy is silent, the attendance policy below continues to apply.

The American Bar Association Standards for Approval of Law Schools and the policy of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law require regular and punctual class attendance in order for a student to satisfy residence and credit hour requirements.  Accordingly, students are expected and required to attend all regularly scheduled Law School classes in which they are enrolled.  Attendance includes preparation.  Any student who fails to attend at least eighty percent of regularly scheduled classes for any course (i.e., fails to comply with “the 80% rule”) will be certified out and will receive a “U” (“unsatisfactory”) for the course.  The 80% rule is applied based on the number of class meetings and not the number of credit hours for a course.  For example:

Course Meetings (per week) Allowed Absences (per term)
3 7
2 5
1 2

Individual faculty members may impose a greater class attendance requirement for a particular course.

Each student is responsible for maintaining his or her own records of attendance.  Students will receive no notice or warning regarding their attendance unless a student violates the 80% rule (i.e., exceeds the maximum allowable number of absences) in a particular class.  In that event, the student will be certified out of that class and the Dean’s Office will send a letter to the student’s Law School email account notifying the student that he or she has been certified out of the class.  The notice will be deemed to have been received by the student upon delivery of the email. The standards of academic integrity apply to this policy.

In accordance with University policy, absences due to religious observance will be excused.  A student who plans to miss class for this reason should contact the Associate Dean of Students or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with the dates on which and the specific classes for which the student will be absent due to religious observance.

The academic dean may allow additional absences under the following circumstances:

  1. A student’s participation in an educational, law school related activity (“school related activity”) is the predominant reason for a violation of the 80% rule, and
  2. The student has consulted with the professor and the academic dean regarding anticipated absences prior to participating in the school related activity.

Participation in a school related activity will be deemed the predominant reason for violating the 80% rule if at least three-fourths of a student’s absences are for actual participation in (rather than preparation for) the activity. For further guidance on the application of this exception to the attendance policy, please download the document titled "Application of Attendance Policy to Educational, Law School Related Activity."

Please be advised that classes may be recorded as an accommodation for students whose absences have been excused under this policy, for make-up classes, or for other reasons.

Students who experience personal difficulties that may prevent them from complying with this policy are strongly encouraged to meet with the Associate Dean of Students or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to discuss what arrangements might be available to help with their situation.