Library Services for Faculty

The Barco Law Library provides a wide array of services for law school faculty. Our most important purpose is to provide our faculty with the information and resources they need for teaching, research and scholarship.

Faculty Services Handbook

The Faculty Services handbook details the many library services available for Pitt Law faculty. It is printed and distributed to faculty annually and is available on the Dean's Office website, under "Library Resources." Additional print copies are available from the library upon request. 

Library Liaisons

Each faculty has a law librarian assigned as a liaison. Your library liaison can help you with your research questions and library needs, and can direct your RA's to the best resources.  
Adjunct faculty are not assigned a librarian liaison but are strongly encouraged to use the library's teaching services and any of our other services that will help you with your activities at Pitt (see below).

Research Services

Books and Articles:

Use Pittcat (or pittcat+) to find the book or journal you need. If it's in the Law Library your liaison can get it for you. If it's not in the Law library, but it's available elsewhere in the University Library System, you can have it delivered to the Law Library by using the “Get it!” feature in PITTCat.
Here’s how:
• Search for the desired title in PITTCat and click on the result you want;
• Choose the “Get It!” tab in the upper right of the screen and log in using your University ID;
• Then, under “Make a selection…” at the bottom of the screen, change “Recall” to “Get it!”
• Follow the on-screen prompts, completing details relevant to your item request.
• Be sure to set the location as “Law Lending” if you want the item to be delivered here.
Turnaround time is normally one or two days. Please contact your library liaison or our reference desk (412-648-1325) if you have questions.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

This service can be used for materials not available at Pitt. We are able to access the holdings of hundreds of libraries across the United States and can borrow books or have articles photocopied and delivered to you. An ILL request takes about two weeks to arrive unless a local library can supply the material. If you wish to locate materials in other libraries the Worldcat database has the catalog records of library holdings for most libraries in the US and many throughout the world.

Requesting Books:

If there is a book or journal that faculty need for research or teaching purposes the library may be able to purchase it for our collection or for faculty office use. Email us or call x81321.

The Rare Book Room:

Located on the 4th floor of the library, it is kept locked with access provided by the librarians. We have a selection of works primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries all of which have been cataloged in PITTCat. The room contains a large table for reading or note-taking; materials can also be charged out and taken to faculty offices.

Online Research

Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw

The library subscribes to the BloombergLaw, Lexis and Westlaw databases and all faculty have access. These databases can be used to find primary and secondary sources of law for the United States and selected international and foreign law. For Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw training and passwords email us or call x81329.
Documents retrieved from these databases can be e-mailed and saved electronically. Lexis has its own printers located within the computer lab on the 4th floor. Documents printed from the Lexis are free – they do not use the Pitt Law printing quota. Printing from other sources can be sent to the Pitt Printing Station and retrieved from the University printer in the computer lab, on the ground floor, or at other University printing locations (i.e. David Lawrence Hall).

Other databases

We have subscriptions to most major legal databases (see the full list here) and we also have access to all the University Library System database subscriptions. For help finding what you need, or for training in using the databases, email us or call X81329.

Foreign and International Legal Research

We have a Foreign and International Librarian who is expert at conducting this type of research; she also develops the library's holdings in this area and manages our webpages on conducting foreign and international legal research. Email or call x81303 for info.

Current Awareness Services

Designed to alert faculty to recently published literature in their field(s) of specialization.

Routing Service

Faculty can have any Barco periodical subscription routed to their mailbox before being placed in circulation by emailing us or calling x8-1337.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals

The weekly Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP) is available via email; faculty who want to receive this can contact the eResearch & Technology Services Librarian.  SmartCILP provides personalized e-mail delivery of lists of topical articles from CILP each week. Faculty can select individual legal subjects and/or journal tables of contents that are of interest to them; email or call x81329 for more info.

Other current awareness

Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg BNA, and many other databases provide subject matter email alerts; contact us if you'd like assistance.

Research Assistants

Privileges for RAs and TAs

Faculty can arrange for RAs and TAs to have proxy patron library privileges allowing them to charge books in your name. Email the Circulation Supervisor with the name of your research assistant. For Hillman Library proxy patron procedures, call 648-7800.

Library Research Fellows

The library has several law students known as Faculty Research Fellows who who serve as floating research assistants and can work on faculty research projects of a limited duration. We undertake assignments as varied as cite checking, searching for quotations and articles, and conducting surveys of judicial opinions.  If you have a project you can submit it to us directly using the Faculty Research Fellows Intake Form. Or you can  contact us for more information about the program.

Publication Services

Article Submissions

We have an account with Expresso (Express Online Deliveries to Law Reviews powered by Berkeley Electronic Press), an electronic delivery service that simplifies the process of submitting manuscripts to law reviews for consideration. Lists of submission policies for law review publications and interdisciplinary journals are available on the Law School Extranet.


The Barco Law Library provides assistance to faculty members who are interested in publishing working papers on our SSRN institutional working paper series. Faculty publications are available to the public on the SSRN website.

Teaching Services

Bibliographic Instruction

Barco law librarians are available to provide customized bibliographic instruction for any law school class. If your students are assigned a research paper or project we can help direct them to the library resources they need. These presentations can be of any length and amount of detail, and we can also provide a bibliography of resources. Many faculty members utilize this service on a day when they plan to be out of town. Usually we need about two weeks' notice to put together a program. Email us or call x81376 to make arrangements.

Course webpages

Both Westlaw and Lexis provide educational technology products for creating course websites where you can put all your materials online, including syllabus, handouts, sample exams, and powerpoint presentations. You can also have online discussions, link to electronic documents, have students submit assignments securely, and grade anonymously. Westlaw's product is TWEN and Lexis's product is LexisNexis Web Courses. For training or assistance please email us or call x81329; we are happy to help adjunct faculty create course webpages as well.

CALI lessons (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction)

CALI creates and distributes interactive computer-based tutorials to help students practice and master legal concepts; our membership in CALI allows faculty and students to use these tutorials. There are over 600 CALI lessons in 32 areas of law available for use, all of which were created by law school faculty and approved by the CALI editorial board. Email us for more info.

Reserve Materials

We are happy to put treatises, photocopies of articles, audio recordings and videotapes, DVDs, sample exams, etc. on reserve for faculty. Please get the item to us, either by bringing it to the library desk or through email, 24 hours in advance of notifying your class. Reserve materials will be returned to faculty at the end of the semester.