Ben Bratman on Legal Research and Writing as a Proxy

Professor of Legal Writing Ben Bratman has published "Legal Research and Writing as a Proxy: Using Traditional Assignments to Achieve a More Fundamental Form of Practice Readiness," in the Spring 2011 edition of The Second Draft, the newsletter of the Legal Writing Institute.  From the article:


Regardless of what precisely beginning lawyers are writing or doing, there remains much to be said for requiring first-year students to complete the traditional troika of a formal inter-office memorandum, an appellate brief, and an appellate oral argument. . .[M]ost practicing lawyers will not perform all of these tasks during their careers, and many practicing lawyers will not perform any of them. Yet, each of these assignments retains considerable importance as an effective tool for instilling fundamental attributes of a good lawyer that go well beyond the basics of analysis and writing, and that ultimately can make a graduate more marketable and employable.



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