Bernard Hibbitts on Military Lawyers at Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Conference

Professor Bernard Hibbitts gave a talk entitled “Who Do You Think You Are? Military Lawyers in Historical Perspective” at the 2011 Judicial Conference of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in Washington, DC on March 9. The talk explored the records of eight notable military lawyers: William Tudor (the legal advisor to General Washington during the Revolution, and the first US Judge Advocate), Norton Parker Chipman (prosecutor in the Andersonville war crimes trial, held after the Civil War), William Winthrop (author of the first US treatise on military law), Samuel Ansell (reformer of the court-martial system after World War I), Thomas Green (administrator of martial law in Hawaii during World War II), Phyllis Propp-Fowle (the WAC who became the first female Judge Advocate), Charles Kades (primary military drafter of the post-war Japanese constitution during the MacArthur occupation) and Ben Bruce Blakeney (military defense counsel for accused Japanese war criminals at the 1946-48 Tokyo Tribunal). Other speakers at the conference included the Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army, the Canadian Judge Advocate General, and law professors from NYU and Ohio State.


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