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Pittsburgh Housing & Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh: A Most Livable City

A concern that often weighs heavily on prospective students is cost of living. Thankfully Pittsburgh is one of the cheapest cities in America to live. For multiple years, including 2014, the Economic Intelligence Unit has named Pittsburgh the most livable city in the continental United States far ahead of cities like New York, Chicago or Atlanta. A large part of the assessment factored in the price of housing. Pittsburgh is one of the few cities in America that missed out on the housing bubble and ensuing real estate crises. Rents on average are 25% lower compared to equivalent sized cities. The University of Pittsburgh does not offer graduate housing, but convenient and affordable options abound for students in Pittsburgh's various and distinct neighborhoods...

A City of 90 Charming Neighborhoods

A unique characteristic about Pittsburgh is the distinct aura, feel and culture of each neighborhood despite the city's high density nestled between steep hills and three rivers. The University of Pittsburgh resides in the neighborhood of Oakland, which is a bustling second downtown of Pittsburgh with multiple world-class hospitals, wide avenues and the universities and cultural institutions. The large presence of undergraduate housing in Oakland may guide law students to seek quieter enclaves such as Greenfield or Bloomfield. Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have distinct characteristics and rents can vary widely between them. Students will find higher rents in Shadyside and Squirrel Hill, and lower rents in Bloomfield (Pittsburgh's Little Italy), South Oakland, and Friendship. More information about Pittsburgh's neighborhoods and housing tips and options can be found on Cool Pittsburgh.