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CILE Upcoming Events

CLE regularly hosts events, talks and symposia covering international law and student enrichment. For more information about upcoming or past CILE events, contact CILE.

Fall 2021 CILE Events Calendar

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 (In-Person and Zoom)

9:00-11:00 am EDT / 7:30-9:30 pm Rangoon, Myanmar

At the Cutting Edge of Atrocity Prevention: Law, Journalism, and Technology in Myanmar

The February 1 military coup in Myanmar has challenged international law and the global institutions tasked with protecting civilians and preventing mass atrocities. What started as a short-term crisis has turned into an ongoing conflict that has exacerbated already existing concerns of atrocities targeting ethnic minorities. The current abuses by the Tatmadaw have raised concerns around the role that international law and technology have played in failing to prevent or even facilitating the military’s actions. At the same time, the official story by the state-run media has been challenged by law student journalists and civil society activists on the ground using social media platforms to disseminate information to the global community.

This roundtable will discuss the ways in which the conflict in Myanmar has further spotlighted failures of the international law and relations systems, how technology and modern journalism are challenging those failures, and what options exist for pursuing a path to peace in Myanmar. 


Spring 2021 CILE Events Calendar

Tues., March 28, 2021, Zoom 

28th Annual McLean Lecture - World Law: Cleaning the Sand Out of the Gears

CILE hosted the 28th Annual McLean Lecture on World Law, "Cleaning the Sand Out of the Gears: Unwinding the Trump Administration's Extraordinary Use of Executive Action to Restrict Immigration," presented by Marketa Lindt (JD '94). 

Marketa Lindt is partner in the office of Sidley and Austin in Chicago. In an interview format with Professor Brand, Lindt covered the Trump administration's immigration policy and early developments in the new Biden administration. The discussion focused on the impact of Trump’s singular campaign focus on immigration as a problem, how Trump administration policies affected immigration law, and how early policy changes during the Biden administration affected practice and set the stage for immigration changes. 

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Thurs., April 8 – Fri., April 9, 2021, Zoom

Sovereignty, Humanity and Law

CILE and the Law and Humanities Institutie (LHI) co-sponsored a two-day webinar conference titled, “Sovereignty, Humanity, and Law.” The conference focused on how the concept of sovereignty affects the law and, in particular, the way in which the law does or does not facilitate the development of human rights in the relationship between the sovereign and the citizen.

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Tues., May 18 - Thurs., May 20, 2021, Zoom

DEALS AND DISPUTES:  China, Hong Kong, and Commercial Law

CILE co-sponsored the “Deals and Disputes: China, Hong Kong, and Commercial Law” webinar with the Asian Studies Center at the University Center for International Studies at Pitt. This virtual, three-day event considered the structure, reach, and impact of China’s Belt & Road Initiative and its implications for commercial relations, dispute resolution, and the future of legal developments in Asia. The event featured a series of keynote speakers and expert panels that explored China’s evolving role in the field of commercial law.

Day 1 – View Recording.

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Fall 2020 CILE Events Calendar

Tues., Sept. 22, 2020, Zoom

27th Annual McLean Lecture on World Law: The Critical Role of Dissent in Government and Foreign Affairs

CILE hosted the 27th Annual McLean Lecture on World Law, "The Critical Role of Dissent in Government and Foreign Affairs," presented by Elizabeth Shackelford (JD '06).

Elizabeth Shackelford practiced law at Covington & Burling in Washington, D.C., engaged in international development work at Booz Allen Hamilton, and was a career diplomat in the U.S. State Department until her December 2017 resignation. Her book, “The Dissent Channel: American Diplomacy in a Dishonest Age,” tells the story of her work in South Sudan and provides a stark assessment of current on the-ground U.S. foreign policy. Shackelford’s lecture marked the opening of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of CILE. 

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Tues., Nov. 17, 2020, Zoom

Afghan Dreams: CILE and the Vis Moot

CILE celebrated its involvement with the Vis Moot and Middle East training partnership with the CLDP during a live webinar on Tues., Nov. 17. The session included a special presentation of the “Afghan Dreams” documentary film, which follows the journey of the first, and all female, Afghan team to participate in the Vis Moot. The film was followed by an interview with the recent LLM graduate Duniya Stanizkai (LLM ’21). Stanizkai spoke about her experience competing as a member of that team in the Vis Moot. 

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