Global Study and Internships

Immersion in the language, culture, legal system and legal education system of another country through study abroad can substantially enhance your understanding of the law and the global environment in which it is created and applied.

Up to 29 credits from an accredited foreign law school will count towards the completion of the JD degree. This can be in the form of graduate level courses that are part of a degree program, such as an LLM; an ABA-approved program sponsored by an American law school; or individual courses at a foreign law school. Students have the ability to complete a foreign LLM degree and graduate with their Pitt JD in three years.

Preparing to Study Abroad

Consider planning your study abroad experience in three stages, explore programs, apply, and arrange for credits at Pitt.

Sorbonne Exchange Program

Explore Pitt Law's exchange program with the Sorbonne in Paris and find yourself studying law in France.

Summer Study in Germany

The Summer Program on European and International Economic Law at the University of Augsburg provides a unique opportunity to learn European and international law relevant to our global economy in a six-week intensive course.

International Internships

Learn international law in the real world by connecting with legal internship opportunities across the globe.

CLE in Verona, Italy

Receive 12 hours of Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education credit in this summer course in Transnational Commercial Agreements, Litigation, and Arbitration in Vicenza, Italy.

American Bar Association Statement and Safety Information

In accordance with Paragraph I.A.3 of the American Bar Association’s Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution as amended March 2014, our Statement of Educational Objectives shows what the University of Pittsburgh School of Law seeks to achieve in allowing our students to study abroad for credit towards the JD degree.