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Comparison of Educational Debt

Pitt Law is committed to providing an excellent and affordable legal education.  Our students graduate with student loan obligations well below the national average.  Our tuition cost, coupled with a low cost of living in the city of Pittsburgh, offers our students the opportunity to pursue a world class legal education in an affordable manner.

Law School Average Debt
American University $152,659
George Washington $128,341
Seton Hall $125,745
Widener $123,071
University of Maryland $122,349
Penn State $121,134
Case Western Reserve $118,806
Loyola-Chicago $117,688
George Mason $115,381
Michigan State $114,438
Villanova $113,283
Indiana-Bloomington $113,011
Washington & Lee $111,825
Brooklyn $105,915
Duquesne $100,081
Drexel $98,820
University of Pittsburgh $94,879

*Data provided from US News and World Report for the graduating class of 2012.  Individual financial aid packages vary from student to student.  Contact the Office of Financial Aid today to discuss options available to help finance your education.