Deborah Brake Comments on University of Texas Cases Involving Coach-Student Relationships

Pitt Law Professor Deborah Brake commented on two incidents involving University of Texas at Austin coaches admitting they had had sexual relationships with students: A female women’s track coach was immediately fired when she admitted in January she’d had a relationship with a student-athlete back in 2002, and a male assistant football coach received a salary freeze and mandatory counseling after he had a one-night stand with a student athletic trainer four years ago. Brake was coauthor of a 2012 National Collegiate Athletic Association report urging schools to establish policies prohibiting coach-student relationships and laying out the consequences for violators. “Without [clear, written policies] you’re going to have ad hoc responses,” Brake said. “And once you have ad hoc responses, you’re going to have inconsistencies – and that’s bad for everyone, including the institution, which could open itself up to litigation.”

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