Deborah Brake Publishes a Must-Read Book on Title IX and Women’s Sports

Professor Deborah Brake has published a book, Getting in the Game: Title IX and the Women’s Sports Revolution, with New York University Press.  Advance copies of the book are out now, with an official release date of August 9, 2010.

The blurbs:

Getting in the Game is must reading for those seeking to understand both the monumental success of Title IX and the dilemmas and barriers that impeded achievement of its full promise. There is no better treatment of the subject of women’s sports—why it matters, what Title IX now requires, and how the law might be improved. This book will change the way we think about equality in women’s sports, and help us to think more rigorously and creatively about how to achieve it.”
- Katharine T. Bartlett, Duke University School of Law

Getting in the Game offers clearheaded demystification of the debates over gender equity in the U.S. school and college sports. Without falling into the role of uncritical cheerleader, Deborah Brake shows how the successes of Title IX result from its pragmatic knitting-together of various strands of feminist legal theory. The result is a body of law sturdy enough to press effectively for equal opportunity, but flexible enough to allow for the nuances of difference. Whether one’s concern is with inferior sport facilities for high school girls, cutbacks to certain college men’s sports, or women athletes and pregnancy, Getting in the Game is a must-read.”
- Michael A. Messner, author of It’s All for the Kids: Gender, Families, and Youth Sports

Getting in the Game provides a masterful overview of what it would take to really level the playing field for women in sports. This book is indispensable reading for anyone who cares about gender equity in athletics.”
- Deborah L. Rhode, author of Speaking of Sex: The Denial of Gender Inequality

“An interesting, exciting project that offers fresh perspectives on an area of the law that is generally misunderstood . . . fascinating and well done.”
- Ann C. McGinley, William S. Boyd Professor of Law, University of Nevada Las Vegas

It is available for purchase at, or directly from NYU Press.

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