Doug Branson Publishes Memoir, Three Tastes of Nuoc Mam - The Brown Water Navy Visits to Vietnam

Professor Douglas Branson published Three Tastes of Nuoc Mam – The Brown Water Navy and Visits to Vietnam (Hellgate Press).  The book is a memoir of his year in combat (1966-67) when he boarded and searched junks and sampans off the coast and in bays and inlets.  No one has written extensively about the Brown Water Navy, which was an integral part of the American-South Vietnamese war effort.  The latter part of the book is based upon economic, social, gastronomic and other observations he made in two extensive return trips to the country, first in 1995, when Vietnam newly emerged from the Dark Ages, and again in 2011, when the country, now a prosperous place, had taken its rightful place in the community of nations.

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