Douglas Branson Around the World

On January 29, Professor Douglas Branson was a featured guest on Radio WXTEL in Los Angeles. His subject was his newest book, The Last Male Bastion – Gender and the CEO Suite at America’s Public Companies (2010).

He was the featured guest In “About The Money” on KCTS, public television for the Pacific Northwest, on January 28, 2010. The show aired on Friday, January 29 and again on Sunday, January 31. His subject was “Diversity in the Workplace and in Corporate Governance.”

On March 2-3, in Sydney, Australia, Professor Branson participated in a two day program on “Women on Corporate Baords.” Other participants came from Norway, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. The program was held at the State Library, New South Wales, under the auspices of the University of Technology – Sydney.

On Thursday, March 11, Professor Branson was interviewed on WREK, Atlanta, Georgia, by host Ethan Candes. The subjects were two of his recent books, The Last Male Bastion, and No Seat at the Table – How Law and Governance Keep Women Out of the Boardroom.

On Saturday, March 13, Professor Branson presented one of four principal papers at a conference hosted by the University of Santa Clara School of Law in Santa Clara, California. The conference was entitled “Corporations and International Law.” Professor Branson’s presentation, to appear in the Santa Clara Law Review, was “Holding Mulitnational Corporations Accountable? Achilles Heels in Alien Tort Claims Act Litigation.”

Seattle radio talk show host Vicki St. Clair interviwed Professor Branson live on Radio KKNW (”Conversations Live with Vicki”). The subjects again were diversity in the workplace and in corporate governance, based upon Professor Branson’s books The Last Male Bastion and No Seat at the Table.

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