Douglas Branson on Corporate Governance Around the World

Professor Douglas Branson’s new casebook, BUSINESS ENTERPRISES: LEGAL STRUCTURE, GOVERNANCE AND POLICY (LexisNexis) (w. J. Heminway et al). appeared in January, 2009. The casebook has an accompanying Teachers’ Manual. In November, 2008, the New Zealand government appointed Professor Branson to the government’s Advisory Committee on Corporate Governance. On February 26, 2009, Professor Branson participated at a symposium at Seattle University School of Law in observance of the retirement of Professor William Oltman. On March 14, 2009 Professor Branson attended a meeting of the Members’ Consultative Committee of the American Law Institute (ALI) regarding Tentative Draft No. 5 of the Restatement of the Law (Non Profit Organizations) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Professor Branson is a Life Member of the ALI.

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