Douglas Branson Speaking at Conferences and in the Media on Corporate Governance

On March 19-20, 2010, Professor Douglas Branson spoke on “Achilles Heels in Alien Tort Claims Act Litigation,” in Corporations and International Law, a two-day program at the School of Law, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California. On Friday, April 16, he spoke at the Twentieth Annual Persons of Color Legal Scholarship Conference at the School of Law, Loyola University, Chicago. The program, “Paradigms Lost: Outsider Scholarship, Insider Scholarship, and the Economic Crisis,” include a 90 minute presentation devoted to plurality and diversity in corporate management, which Professor Branson and Professor Steven Ramirez of Loyola University conducted. On Monday, April 19, Professor Branson taped an appearance for the First Business Network at WCIU Chicago. The interview concerned one of Professor Branson’s recent books, “The Last Male Bastion – Gender and the CEO Suite at America’s Public Companies.” The first Business Network consists of 23 independent television stations. On Wednesday, April 21, Professor Branson delivered the inaugural Condon Falknor public lecture to members of the Seattle Bar and the University of Washington communities. His subject was “Diversity and Corporate Governance.”

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