Federal Courts & Federal Litigation - Hellman

Welcome to the course on Federal Courts and Federal Litigation.

The casebook for this course is Hellman, Robel & Stras, Federal Courts: Cases and Materials on Judicial Federalism and the Lawyering Process (2d ed. 2009) (LexisNexis). There is also a 2011 Supplement and a 2011 Judicial Code Supplement. All of the books should be available in the bookstore.

The casebook is available both in the standard hardback edition and in a loose-leaf edition (at a substantially lower price) that can be used with a standard three-hole binder.

For our first class on Monday, I would like you to read section A in Chapter 1. Please read Article III carefully, with particular attention to the categories of “cases” and “controversies” that come within the federal judicial power.

There is  TWEN site for this course. Please add it to your course list. The syllabus will be posted there shortly. It will also be distributed at the first meeting.

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