Foreign Government Sources

Foreign governments publish their statutes, administrative rules, and judicial decisions with diverse systems and limitations. Begin foreign law research by familiarizing yourself with the government's structure and publications. Then, you will know where to look for the information you need from the government entities.

  • Tips for finding foreign law - A research guide with progressively desperate steps for locating foreign law.
  • Parliaments - A database directory with facts about and links to foreign parliaments.
  • Legislation - Using WorldLII and/or Lexadin click on a country name to find Web sites with all or parts of its legislation in the original language and in translation.  If it is an EU member state, try N-Lex.
  • Courts - A list of subscriptions and Web sources with foreign case decisions.
  • Official Gazettes - Governments' daily or weekly documentation of their activities. These typically contain proposed and recently enacted laws.
  • Constitutions - Link to Web versions of countries' organizing documents.
  • National Int Law Yearbooks - Subscription database with annual documentation of countries' or regions' involvements with international law.
  • National Libraries - Link to libraries operated by foreign governments.
  • Parliamentary Libraries - Link to libraries containing foreign governments' official documents.  
  • Foreign Relations Officers - Locate contacts at foreign embassies to the U.S.