Haider Ala Hamoudi on Iraqi Elections

Professor Haider Ala Hamoudi has published “Identitarian Violence and Identitarian Politics: Elections and Governance in Iraq” in the Harvard International Law Journal Online (volume 51, June 14, 2010).

From the conclusion:

It is a mistake to assume that matters such as the electoral timetables of other nations, even those under foreign occupation such as Iraq, are within the primary control of members of the international community, rather than domestic constituencies who may stand to benefit from the rise of democratic politics. Thus, whether or not early elections in divided societies are a good idea is entirely beside the point. While it may be true, and certainly was true in the case of Iraq, that early elections led to a rise in civil conflict, the role of the international community may only be limited to mitigating the effects of that inevitable conflict, often at enormous expense to themselves and the country under occupation, rather than removing it entirely through electoral delays.


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