Haider Hamoudi Commentary Included in JURIST’s New Iraq War Feature

A new commentary written by Pitt Law Professor Hamoudi has been included in JURIST’s new feature on the Iraq War.  In the piece, entitled “Post-War Iraq: Slow and Steady Progress,” Professor Hamoudi addresses fears that Iraq may slide into chaos after US troops are withdrawn, and argues that it is far more likely that Iraq will continue to make slow advances in solidifying its legal and constitutional structure. JURIST has been providing unique coverage of the war for almost a decade, including breaking news reports, links to original source materials and commentary from legal professionals, law professors and experts directly involved in the prosecution of the war. JURIST’s latest feature provides a comprehensive overview of the war, as well as a retrospective of JURIST coverage, which includes analysis of the legitimacy of the conflict, the formation of the Iraqi constitution, the trial of Saddam Hussein, and allegations of war crimes and lawsuits. For full coverage, please visit http://jurist.org/feature/featured/iraq-war/.


“For almost a decade, JURIST has been at the forefront of exploring and explaining the legal issues involved in the Iraq War,” said Matthew Shames, JURIST’s Executive Director. “The Iraq War has challenged legal systems like few other events of the past several decades. Given the imminent withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, as well as the fact that we are fast approaching the tenth anniversary of the start of the war, we strongly believe that the time is right to present a comprehensive review of the legal matters involved in the prosecution of the war. With the publication of this new feature, JURIST continues to document the law as it has developed, furthering our goal of empowering people to be actively involved in the further evolution of legal systems around the world.”


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