IGO's - Intergovernmental Organizations

Intergovernmental Organizations are entities that generally create, administer, and enforce international agreements. Their members are governments. They will link to much of the basic law that you need. Notice that in addition to the texts of agreements, they often have links to related national laws, the texts of case decisions, and data compiled from separate governments. Like NGO's, they also provide good factual information in the form of statistical reports and narrative analysis.

Here are links to the IGOs most commonly researched by students in our seminars:

Here are more complete lists of intergovernmental organizations:

Northwestern University's links to IGO's (alphabetical order)

The World Legal Information Institute's list (options to search by country, subject or alphabet)

The biggest IGO is the United Nations. UN Legal publications are all available from one page.   You can search for information produced by a particular division of U.N. or peruse UNBISnet, the library catalog, according to subject, keyword, author, title, etc...The Official Documents Service has proceedings, resolutions, and other parliamentary kinds of publications, but not treaties or press releases. U.N. treaties are available via the Barco Law Library's subscription to the U.N. Treaty Collection.