International Tribunals Research

International tribunals decide disputes arising under international law. Tribunal research requires analytical thinking about a tribunal's mission and methods as well as reading its publications.  See also our list of foreign court resources.

Find comparative and theoretical research about international and foreign tribunals:

 in the KZ 6250 call # range on the library's 3rd floor, 

 in law journals,

 at the Int. Ctr. for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life,

 in International Judicial Monitor 

via the International Organization for Judicial Training

 and at the Project on Internationl Courts & Tribunals.

Tribunals most frequently researched by Pitt law students:

Various Civil Issues 

International Court of Justice

European Union Case Law - Select from all of the EU courts.

Permanent Court of Arbitration - Neither permanent, nor a court, arbitrators from the PCA's roster hear commercial and environmental dipsutes.  See also the Hague Justice Portal for more PCA cases.

Reports of International Arbitral Awards

International Commercial Arbitrations (via ICC)

Oxford Reports on Int'l Law (various tribunals)  


International Crime:

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Nuremburg Trials

Special Court for Sierra Leone

Special Tribunal for Lebananon


Human rights: 

European Court of Human Rights

Inter-American Court of Human Rights (decisions from 1987-2012)

UN Human Rights monitoring bodies  


Intellectual Property: 

World Intellectual Property Organization- Domain name decisions. See also links to arbitration and mediation divisions of WIPO that have procedural information, but no opinions.

TRIPS Decisions - This is an annotated version of the Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights. Link to decisions and interpretations in order by agreement sections.


World Trade:

World Trade Organization- Appellate body, arbitrations, and panel reports. Search by country, issue, or year.

NAFTA Decisions - Binational disputes, extrordinary settlements, & arbitration decisions.

U.S. Court of International Trade - A U.S. federal court empowered to decide international trade matters arising in or against the U.S.


Comprehensive Tribunal Lists:

Project on International Courts & Tribunals - (PICT) Search for tribunals by topic or region, locate reports and comments about tribunal activities.

International Courts & Tribunals Project - WORLDLII's database for searching case reports from separate courts or multiple international courts at once.


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