Jasmine Gonzalez Rose at the LatCrit Conference and Junior Faculty Development Workshop

Professor Jasmine Gonzales Rose spoke at the sixteenth annual LatCrit Conference, held this year October 6-9 in San Diego, California.  The theme of this year's conference was "Global Justice: Theories, Histories, Futures."  Professor Gonzales Rose was a panelist for session entitled "Geography Matters." Her talk was "Juror Language Accommodation in Theory and Praxis."  Professor Gonzalez Rose also participated in the Junior Faculty Development Workshop, a separate phase of the LatCrit Conference co-sponsored by the Society of American Law Teachers.  The Workshop was aimed at helping those contemplating legal teaching careers to understand the processes involved.  Professor Gonzales Rose participated in a session designed to simulate and then discuss an interview at the AALS recruiting conference.


Program for the LatCrit Conference and Junior Faculty Development Workshop: link

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